WWDC 2020 Live Updates

Welcome to WWDC 2020, we will update this page as things get announced!

Update 1: The live stream has started on apple.com

Update 2: The Stream has started/tim cook is on stage and is talking about current events.

update 3: Craig is now talking about IOS

IOS 14

Widgets are being announced with different size and can be put on the home screen/ and a new widget called smart stacks which changes depending on the time of day.

App library and page hiding have been announced with siri suggestions

Picture in picture is now on iphone with audio only.

siri is now compact. and with a better ui.

siri is now smarter.

new app called translate which translates in real time / with conversation mode.

messages can now be pinned and new messages will be shown with an animation./ and memoji has new age options and new face masks.

maps is now gonna have better navigation in 3 new places. / has review and recommendation support./ and now has cycling directions!/ and has electric vehicles directions to show need charging stops

carplay now has wallpaper options/ has support for unlocking cars.

appstore has added app clips/ and there are qr codes call app clip code

calls are now on the top and is now redesigned

Mac OS Big Sur

Redesigned UI

All the apps are now redesigned!

Watch OS 7

Multiple complications

you can share watch faces

maps cycling directions are on watch faces

dance is now a workout\

activity app redesigned on ios and is now called fitness

sleep tracking is now on apple watch with winddown an a future that will turn on do not disturb and dim the screen for you.

handwashing detection.


picture in picture

IPad OS 14

has the same widgets as ios

even more redesigned photos app with a new sidebar!

the sidebar is in notes, photos and files

all the actions for calendar are on the top

calls are now on the top and is now redesigned

‘spotlight search” is now on ipados

scribble is now on ipad os.

all ios stuff is on ipad os

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