Windows 11 will no longer let you use the old Windows 10 Start Menu

Changes to the start menu are the foremost noticeable and disputed feature of Microsoft’s new Windows 11 operating system. however within the early builds of Windows 11, retrieving the recent Windows 10 start Menu was always simply many clicks in Settings away. in line with the changes created in the latest version of Windows 11, however, that’s now not the case.

The shift happened in the second build of the Windows 11 beta software, that is currently accessible through the Windows insider program. Among different notable changes to the start Menu, Microsoft has apparently removed the option from Settings entirely, leaving you with the intense and glossy new start Menu whether or not you like it or not. And yes, meaning there’s no choice for left-aligning the Taskbar either.

The new Windows 11 start menu, which is now center-aligned.
There are a few of caveats, however. First, there’s really a way to get back the Windows 10 start Menu, however not so straightforward. the team at Tom’s Hardware have discovered a backdoor method that involves tweaking a registry key. Obviously, something involving a registry modification isn’t recommended and will cause some serious problems with your device. Then again, you’re on beta to begin with, so you ought to be treading gently anyway.

Secondly, it’s necessary to keep in mind that Windows 11 remains in its early stages of development. while the central options and style elements are likely here to stay, we’ll likely see a number of changes made between now and its ultimate release date toward the end of this year. as a result of the ability to revert back to the Windows 10 start Menu was already accessible within the initial builds, it’s not hard to imagine Microsoft bringing it back.

That’s very true if there’s an uproar around its disappearance. judgement by the hostile reaction some have had toward the new start Menu, it won’t be a surprise if Microsoft changes its mind once again in this regard. Giving individuals the choice to change between the old start Menu and the new one has few downsides. It’ll make the traditionalists happy and encourage more of them to upgrade once the time comes.

For now, we’ll ought to wait and see what Microsoft decides as further builds of Windows 11 roll out over the coming months.