Softly by Clairo Review

Softly by Clairo Review

Right out the gate I want to say that this song is a bop, however when thinking about it, it might ruin your original opinion about the song. Let me explain


The background music is good, but it doesn’t try anything new, and it doesn’t try to match the lyrics or do anything fun. It’s generic, and there is really nothing else to write about. It’s a safe, normal, incredibly average background song. And this is something that I really hate. If I had to respect either Travis Scott’s song “sicko mode” or Clairo’s “Softly” I would 100% choose “Sicko Mode”. And I don’t even like “Sicko Mode”, I think it’s total trash. I chose that song because at least it tried something new with its background, unlike “Softly”.


Nothing new, it’s just Clairo singing. I wouldn’t blame her, because singing isn’t really a flexible instrument. It is incredibly hard to try something new with your vocal cords and make it sound good. However she could have done something creative with technology, she did use it, but it was barely creative at all.


If you have ever heard of Bo Burnham make fun of love-pop songs then you would know what this song is about. This song is about a really vague girl, with a really vague artist expressing vaguely her love for the girl. However, what gives this song immunity from Bo’s critique is the fact that all of what Clairo says is true. She actually wrote this song based on her experience as a lesbian. And I think that is enough evidence to say that her song is truly expressive and not a money-hungry tactic.

Aside from talking about a girl, Clairo talks about how society sees lesbian relationships. But the thing is that Clairo doesn’t really care about the folks who say “that sort of relationship is wrong”, and that’s admirable. BUT, it is hidden since most of the song is about the girl and their relationship.


So some feedback, for Clairo, would be to do three things. 1. stop being so vague to avoid this critique from ever affecting her, I had to actually research to see if she’s being vague or not. 2. Make a song that is more focused on society and its views on her relationship, and she already did this…sorta. I’ll talk about that song later on in the future. 3. Maybe try experimenting with technology both to affect your background music and your singing.

My overall opinion about this song is that you should listen to it but WITHOUT THINKING. It’s a good song when you are doing something boring, and you need some background music. If you think about the song then you’ll think of it as a bad song. So from the first hearing, I would have given it an 8/10 since it sounded great. But after thinking about the song I would give it a 5/10. Clairo if you ever read this, you can and have done better!

Thank you for reading


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