Wonder – Shawn Mendes Review

Wonder – Shawn Mendes Review

Shawn Mendes wrote his “most reflective song”, and that statement creates the question of “Reflective, or good selling point?” And I think that the answer to that question is reflective.

The background music is out of the blue for this artist, because usually, he uses his guitar, but after listening to this for almost a hundred times, I never heard a guitar, and to those wondering, yes Shawn Mendes produced the song. It starts kinda slow, it does have its faster moments, but I would even consider those moments slow, but at the end, it has this drumset playing which makes the song have a bigger emotional impact, still kinda slow but it’s the fastest part of the song. It almost sounds like a man conveying sadness in a very manly manner, however, you never hear about men saying that they are sad, and that’s why I love this drumset, it’s because it breaks that stupid stereotype about men, they do feel sadness and it’s not ok to keep it bottled up, and they have to express it, and I think that drumset represents all of that.

The singing is usual, Shawn doesn’t try anything new with his singing, the end part, however, tries something new but, it’s nothing to write home about, just your regular Shawn Mendes singing.

This song talks about, Shawn’s emotions during the pandemic, ranging from missing his friends to expressing feelings, to wondering if expressing feelings, makes him inferior to other men, and getting the emotional support he gets from his girlfriend. It’s really expressive, but you really need to crack the code for this one. I have been looking at the lyrics for quite some time thinking, and thinking about what he meant by some of the words that seem like random gibberish. I wrote negatively about this song at first, but I felt like something was wrong when I was about to give this article to my boss. And looking at this paragraph I can say with 100% certainty that this feels, sounds, and looks correct. It is okay to be cynical but sometimes you need to see if you are being cynical for the sake of being cynical, or because what you are reviewing truly is a piece of garbage. This song is very expressive and I commend Shawn for being more open about his emotions to the public because doing that sort of thing is very healthy in my opinion.

I have to rate this song a 9.5/10, because it is so expressive, and that’s what I usually love about a song if it’s expressive. The lyrics and background music are very expressive, but the singing, is ok, I guess it’s expressive slightly, but it’s the same as always so that’s why I think this song gets a 9.5/10. Reader, you have to go listen to this, it’s a bop, and has good meaning.

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