Sept 16 Kid Cudi Review

Sept 16 Kid Cudi Review

This song got me thinking about morals in songwriting, from the technology and the use of it, nowadays and about, if it really matters if the artist was speaking form the heart or not.

The artist’s singing is precisely like the background music of the song, relaxed but not sad. The artist singing has technology change his voice and how it sounds, but it also has moments where technology doesn’t really change the singing at all, and it doesn’t make me angry that he has used technology to change his voice although when other artists use it, it makes me so mad. This is because most artists use technology to make their singing objectively better, it goes from totally terrible, to the best thing you’ll ever hear. This makes me mad because it makes artists who practiced singing their whole life look like a joke, it also makes artists who have that raw talent look like regular, talentless people. However, this artist uses technology in two ways the “subjective” and the “needed” ways. When you listen to this song you can say “I prefer the part where he doesn’t use technology” or you could say “I prefer the parts that he uses technology”. He doesn’t use technology objectively, he uses it subjectively. He also uses the technology in a way that feels needed, while managing to make the parts that don’t have the technology needed as well.

The background music is not heavy, or loud, it’s relaxed, not SAD but RELAXED. A bit generic, but it’s different enough and does have a sense of creativity, and you can see the difference between other songs and this song.

This song is your typical average break-up song, but this time it’s sad and not angry. Basically, the artist feels, like he misses his ex and the love that she gave him. But what makes this song different than other love songs is that there is a moral, to all of this which is not really common in that type of song. It’s present in that type, but it’s semi-rare. The moral of the song is that if you break up, it was probably for the best, and you have to look for love elsewhere. And I have to include that this song sounds like someone who got dumped on, not the person that dumped, so for him to say that and to give that moral to the public, that is something very mature, or at least that’s what I think what he means by this song. And as I stated before, you can’t really trust love songs, if the lyrics come from the heart or a money-hungry brain. But then again, if you learn something from a song then (in my opinion) it doesn’t matter if the artist was speaking from the heart or not.

This song will get an 8.9/10, because of the genius use of technology in this song, and the lyrics and their meaning. “Well then why didn’t it get a 10/10”. It didn’t because the background music, was ok and it did fulfill its purpose, but it doesn’t do anything groundbreaking. You reader should go listen to this song if you are either stressed out or just need to relax for a while. Thank you for reading.

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