Samsung Unpacked Recap: Elevating Tech with Breakthrough AI Innovations

On the 17th of January, the Samsung Unpacked event finally started. As the name suggests, a lot of news was revealed during this exciting event, as well as plenty of devices revealed during the event, which we watched live, and we worked on summarising the most important parts for you.

A new series with a new era of AI

During the event, Samsung just revealed their brand new AI system, Galaxy AI, the new Galaxy AI, which will take your phone experience to a whole other level, and the first feature coming out with Galaxy AI was live translation, which supports 13 whole languages which practically makes it your own personal interpreter, the translator translates both verbally and in text which means that no matter what, you will have a great experience, whether you’re texting or during a call, and it can even edit your tone to however mode you set it to, whether you need to be professional for work or chill while speaking to your friends, you have it all, which by the way works with all other phones.

They also revealed a brand new AI feature called Android Auto, which helps you automatically take messages and use quick reply etc, whenever you are on the road, which means safe driving, and easy communication as well.

They also revealed quite a handful of features such as organizing notes and summarising notes for you into bullet points, with the new note assist, which makes taking notes a much easier task for you.

And the best part of this is that you can easily enable and disable the features, and it adds more privacy features for you to make using your phone a private and safe experience.

Samsung and Google collaborate

As always, Samsung and Google continue to make your Android experience as seamless as possible. They have now added new and easy ways to search using Google AI, giving you the ability to enable Circle to search, which gives you the ability to look up items and images by scribbling on them, circling them, or even tapping anything you want to search about, which makes looking up information easier than ever.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Special Appearances.

Now seeing Mr. Beast and Pokimane give their opinions on the S24 Ultra was certainly interesting, and the features showcased made it pretty clear and easier to comprehend than just regular explanations and certainly set a nice mood during the event for all the excited viewers and the people who attended it live.

The Samsung S24 Series

The Samsung S24 is a pretty decent upgrade from the previous generation and has had some interesting changes, with the most significant one being Samsung joining the trend and adding 7 years of software support.


At first glance, you might think it’s the same as the previous S23 Ultra, but it has made quite a lot of changes, as it now has a flatter screen and the edges are sharper, which makes it more durable and better to hold, with new titanium edges and newer colors, which means it’s practically lighter and more durable, and while a curvier screen seems more futuristic, it’s less functional and makes using the S pen harder, so having a flat screen is a pretty nice change.


Before we get to the specs, we need to get to the core changes, so first of all, we now have a flatter screen, which is practically more productive, and the new flatter screen is also up to 12x more responsive.

And now, as for the specs, the most noticeable change has to be the brightness, because instead of 1,715 nits, which was already absurd at the time, we have 2,600 nits of brightness, which makes it visible anywhere you go. Another noticeable change is the material of the screen, as the screen now uses Gorilla Glass Armor, which is 3x more durable and 4x more scratch-resistant than the previous models. It’s not just durability that changed, but it even reduces screen glare by up to 75%, which is honestly pretty impressive, and as usual, it still has a 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate.


As always, the camera is one of the biggest factors that define your phone, and with the S24 series, the camera lenses didn’t only get better lenses but also new AI, which improves the quality of your photos even further. Using the new ProVisual engine, which has amazing photo processing, whether it’s zoom photos or ultra-wide photos, you will always get the highest quality photos, and they also collaborated with social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to be able to post high-quality content without it being ruined by the social media platforms. and the ProVisual engine doesn’t just process your photos but also gives you the ability to use AI to edit your photos with features such as magic fill, magic erasure, etc. Samsung also worked on video features by giving you the ability to get instant slow-motion videos, which gets rid of the hassle of creating a slo-mo video, and on top of all the editing features, sharing is also now easier than ever, with better quick share, and now quick share is also supported by all Android devices and even Windows computers. As for the camera specs, though, on paper, they are still the same, but with new and improved sensors as well as the AI features mentioned above, which should result in insanely high-quality photos and videos. With videos, you can now capture videos at up to 4K at 120 fps, which, when you think about it, is pretty impressive.

Chip and Performance

The changes to the performance were great, which is a must considering all the features they’ve added. and to handle all those features and still give you over-the-top performance, you need an over-the-top processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which is the most powerful phone processor on a phone, even surpassing Apple’s incredible A17 Bionic pro on benchmarks, but it isn’t just the normal Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, it’s the galaxy version, which is even faster and is also accustomed to handling the new Galaxy AI and the new Knox security. And as for the battery, Samsung promises a 15% battery time increase in battery life in comparison, with the regular S24 model having a 4,000mAh battery, a 4775mAh battery on the S24+ model, and finally a 5,000mAh battery on the S24 Ultra model, which might seem a bit disappointing on paper but, with the new chip, the new battery optimization should make up for that. and then the final part when it comes to performance is the memory, which just got pumped up from 8 GB to 12 GB of RAM.

The S24 Series start at $799 for the S24, $999 for the S24+ and $1299 for the S24 Ultra. Pre Orders start on Jan 17th, with Availablity from Jan 31st.

Samsung Galaxy Ring & new Health Features

Now before we get to the part about the device, we need to talk about the new improvements to the Samsung Health app, which now provides a more personal overview of your health, and also provides more personalized tips for how to improve your health using new AI features, Which will most likely be released alongside the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Ring. But what is the Samsung Ring? well as you can guess from the name, the Samsung Ring is a smart ring equipped with sensors that help the app get its overview on your health and does a lot of things like measure your sleep, stress levels, sleeping cycles, etc, which makes it a health dedicated Wearable, but just easier to carry around, and you can keep it on you all the time, without getting into any problems.

The Samsung Unpacked event was full of surprises, whether it was the upgrades to the devices or the collaborations with famous YouTubers, and the presentation and the visuals were certainly interesting, we can’t wait for their next event and we will keep you updated on the case of any news, Stay tuned!