Samsung to challenge Google as Galaxy S24 to receive 7 years of updates and more.

In a shocking move, leaks show that the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series will receive 7 years of updates. This is according to Android Headlines who, alongside this news, released more information with regards to the new series.

This move was clearly set to compete with Google, which, for the first time in the history of Android, supported their newest Pixel devices for 7 years.

Alongside this news, more information was released about Samsung’s focus on AI this year with their phones. It seems that Samsung is releasing features that are similar to, or literally copy and paste from Google. Which is not surprising considering their strong partnership. What is suspicious is that the leaks also mention that Galaxy AI features will be free of charge until at least 2025 on supported Galaxy devices. Which means that Samsung might be planning to charge its users for the AI features. Which is something Google doesn’t do.

The Samsung S24 announcement event is set to begin on January 17th at 1 PM EST. Tech Exposed is planning to do live updates; stay tuned for that.