Samsung S24 to Launch Without Charging Speed Upgrade.

With Samsung expected to launch the S24 series in January, rumors are starting to float around about what to expect from the new devices.

One of those rumors was that the S24 Ultra was getting a charging speed upgrade to 65w, but that rumor has officially been shut down as the 3C (one of the regulatory bodies) has listed what is believed to be the S24 series of phones.

Samsung is not planning to make any changes to the new devices and will stick to the old charging speeds of 25w for the base model and 45w for the Plus and Ultra models.

Not to mention, Samsung is only planning to bring a battery upgrade to the Plus model (4,900 mAh compared to 4,700 mAh in the S23). Moreover, the 3C has disclosed the Galaxy S24 series codenames. (SM-S9210 to the Galaxy S24, SM-S9260 and SM-S9280 to the Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra).