Samsung A15 | Going above and beyond in terms of value

Samsung releases a wide variety of devices throughout the year, whether it’s regular mid-range phones or premium flagships, and recently they just released the first phone out of the Samsung Galaxy A series, seeing just how successful the previous generation was, expectations for this generation are over the top.

Our expectations

The first phone to be released in this generation is the Samsung Galaxy A15 series, and everyone has such high expectations for it due to its predecessor the A14 being the highest-selling phone at the beginning of the last year, so how is it going be?

How much has it changed?

Well when you get a first look at the devices, you notice a great difference as the A15’s display is a bit smaller, but with thinner bezels and a thinner front camera cut out compared to the A14, and it also has a similar design, but with a wider variety of colors, being Brave Black, Optimistic Blue, Magical Blue, Personality Yellow, and it also has a slightly smoother back.

On paper though, we notice a huge difference, as the A15 takes a big leap compared to the A14 regarding specs.

The display

The Samsung Galaxy A15 packs a 6.5”, 90Hz, AMOLED display with FHD+ resolution, and 800nits of brightness, it also has thinner bezels and a smaller camera cut-out, which gives us a more responsive, brighter, more vivid, and more symmetrical screen compared to the previous A14.

The cameras

As for the cameras, there isn’t much change on paper when it comes to the specs, as it contains the same 50MP main camera, 2MP Macro, and 13 MP front camera, with the only difference being in the ultra-wide sensor which is now 5MP; however, even if there isn’t much change on paper, you can notice the difference visually as the capture more light, and the phone also has better photo processing than the last generation A14, and as for videos the camera A15 can finally shoot at 1080p 30fps, which is huge jump compared to the 720p 30fps on the A14.

The performance

As for performance, the A15 uses the same chip as the Galaxy Tab A9, the octa-core “MediaTek Helio G99” which provides great performance, and paired with the improved screen should give you a decent experience when gaming or working, as for the batteries, the phone will be packing the same 5,000mAh battery, but should last longer according to Samsung, and provide 2 days of usage, and as for the storage options we got a huge jump from 64/128GB 4GB RAM to 128GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 6GB RAM, 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM, and finally one of the biggest upgrades so far, the Samsung A15 is going to be using One UI 6.0 instead of the One UI 15.1 Core on the A14, which means that we should be able to get all the One UI features, and even Knox security, and instead of just 2 years like on the A14, we will be getting 4 years of major software updates and 5 years of security updates.

So far the Samsung A15 is a very promising phone. It surely surpasses the previous generation, and for 175 USD, it most definitely goes above and beyond in terms of value.