Rising Storm 2 Vietnam (1/2)

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam (1/2)

Do you remember the Vietnam war conflict, that happened in the 1960-1970s, between the US and Vietnam? You do? Great! Do you want to be in the shoes of the soldiers? Well then let me tell you about a game called rising storm 2 Vietnam.

This game is so realistic, you actually feel like you are a soldier in Vietnam, without the severe PTSD. This game has tons of features in it, such as artillery strikes, objectives, different languages, depending on if you are Vietnamese or American, and body effects. Examples of body effects include getting shot in the legs, causing you to be slowed down permanently (and by permanently I mean until you die in the game), if you get shot bad then you will need to bandage yourself, IMMEDIATELY. If you compare to other games like the battlefield series and CoD series, their healing mechanic on those games is automatic, whilst over here it isn’t, making the game have a sense of pressure and difficulty. When you get shot BAD, you have this immediate sense of getting behind cover as fast as you can, looking at both the screen and the f key so intensely, and when you finally get behind cover, you break the F key out of pure anxiety, and then you look around and realize you’re pinned and can’t get out of the situation without dying or without a very lucky shot. Other examples include shaky breathing after a long run, which makes your aim really shaky too.

However, this game requires strategy and teamwork. A commander and radioman go hand in hand. If both radiomen are far away from the commander, the commander cant call recon or artillery strike. Meanwhile, the other team actually has an organization or an actual stationary radio (depends on which side you are on) or where you are on the map. And most of the time you can’t rush an enemy, you as the soldier have to figure out what you should do in certain situations. Peek, grenade, smoke, and so many other options believe it or not, not shooting the enemy is an option.

Team fire is allowed but I wouldn’t really consider that a con, in fact, I’d consider it borderline pro. It gives the game an even bigger sense of immersion, what’s better than team fire? Making both sides look similar. If you played the game for less than an hour or two, you cannot tell the difference between an American soldier and a Vietnamese soldier from a first glance. But what makes this unfair is that the other person CAN tell the difference since they have more experience, and thus you can say goodbye to your non-existent killstreak because you’re about to die. Now this, I couldn’t pick a side if this makes it too unfair or if it makes just the right amount of immersion, so I will let you guys have your own opinion on this, I personally think that this makes it immersive but it sacrifices the fun aspect of this game. Now half-way through writing this, I realized that I haven’t said why this makes the game more immersive, the reason why, is because real-life soldiers probably have a similar issue, unless if they are experienced or well trained, sound familiar?

The maps of these games are attempting to be balanced, but it takes a long time to be balanced. An example would be the map “Resort” the Americans have helicopters, form the start of the game to the end, and those things are overpowered, after the Americans have captured 2-3 objectives, the Vietnamese are gifted with bunkers that have easy access to the objectives but are usually protected by your team, and you ( as the American now) can get very lost in those bunkers, while the Vietnamese, for some reason, don’t get lost, I got lost as an American but as a Vietnamese, I didn’t get lost. “oH bUT niCO You ProBbabLY pLayED amERiCan FIrsT” here’s the thing, I played Vietnamese first and hogged the bunkers, I literally made it impossible for the Americans to go through the bunkers, but next round when I changed teams I got lost in the bunkers, somehow. However, on the surface, there are still helicopters, and thus they could easily win by supporting ground troops, and thus ground troops could perform a cheesy flank and capturing the objective, making the bunkers totally useless.

This has been one of 2 articles, that I will write, the next one should be released on the 16-20th of this month thank you all for reading. Goodbye for Now.

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