PS5 Final Thoughts/Review

Here is my review on the PS5.

The controller is really smooth and it feels really good in your hands and it’s way better than a PS4 controller because of its features such as adaptive triggers, which is pretty much when you play a game like 2K for example when you are defending someone the L2 and R2 triggers become hard to press on. Its whole purpose is to make it feel like you’re actually playing and make it more fun for you. It charges with a usb type c cable that comes in the box, and has a built in mic and you will know if its on because the light would be orange and a little icon will pop up. My favorite thing about the controller is the adaptive triggers because it gives you more fun experience with your games and as well as the buttons because they are so satisfying to press on and they are just so smooth.

The console is amazing, my first impression was like “Thats such a big console” and I didn’t know how the experience would be, but once I saw it being turned on, it was super cool and the load time was super quick, it was probably the smoothest loading screen I have seen. Once the console is on and you choose your game you don’t just press play,. you have to choose the PS5 version of the game and thats if you have the version and you don’t have to download a whole different version. Since the PS5 is a next gen console it can run 120 FPS but only on games that give you the option to do that. It does take a bit of time to get used to getting to know the console like going to the menu or turning of the controller because there are alot of new features but to use them its a little confusing at first so it will take sometime to remember how to do these things. A really helpful feature is that you can choose the game you want to play and turn on it from your phone so that it will be ready for you when you want to play. There are many ways to place the PS5 like sideways or upwards and to do that all you have to do is use the stand that it comes with. It really feels like a next gen console, it just runs smooth and that feeling of playing a game on the PS5, is one of the best that you’ll ever experience.

PS5 Close Up

I would say that any game you play, you probably will enjoy because it runs so fast and it feels so good, I cant explain, you will just have to see for yourself. There is a good amount of games that support the 120 FPS feature but it also depends on your monitor/tv because if it isn’t a 120hz monitor/tv then you wont get to play on the supported FPS. The best price for 120hz monitor would be anywhere from 100-150$ and most of them are best brands to get from.

They added something call the PS Plus collection which has a good amount of games that you can play such as:

PS Plus Collection

I haven’t tried the Xbox Series X and I don’t know how it will feel so when I can get my hands on one to review I will, but right now I would say PS5 could be beating the series x but I would need someone who let me try it so that I can give the final crown to the winning console. I say the PS5 100% worth getting and it is worth it’s price it is something I can play on for hours and not get bored and now I can say that the PC might have some-what of a competition because both consoles are running 120 fps. Once you get to try or have the PS5 I think you would agree with me when I say that it runs so smooth and everything feels so different from what you used to play on. Playstation fans are hoping they bring out the black PS5 or at least the black controllers because we have seen many concepts on some really nice designs they could use for the console and so we are hoping Sony does do this.

Here is the concept

PS5 Black Editon

No place to buy it so I can’t link it.