Google Reveals “Super Bright” Actua Display On The Pixel 8!

The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro received major updates to their displays this year with all new Actua Display(s) But what is so important about these displays?

For starters, the displays are way brighter than previous Pixel Phones, with the Pixel 8 being upgraded to a 2000 nit peak brightness Actua Display compared to the previous 1,400 nit peak brightness on the Pixel 7. The Pixel 8 Pro has been upgraded to a 2,400 nit peak brightness Super Actua Display, compared to the previous 1,500 nits in the Pixel 7 Pro.

But the upgrades don’t end there! The Pixel 8 has been upgraded to a 60-120hz refresh rate display! Bringing 120hz to the base model phones. The Pixel 8 Pro has also been upgraded to an LTPO 1-120hz variable refresh rate display posing possible battery life benefits, and it’s now a flat screen rather than curved.