One More Thing Apple Event Live Updates

Big Sur To Release On Thursday Nov 12

Silicon Macs Preorder Today. Release Next Week

Stand By For Updates On

Live Started ColorFul Apple Logo

Here We Go! Event Starting Now!

Apple Event Ended.

Hold Up Is That PC?

That is? LOL

Overall Good Event New Macs New Chip and Big Sur this Thursday!


Tim Cook Starts Talking

“Just One More Thing.”

Video About Mac And Celebrating Mac

Silicon Macs

Talks About transition to Silicon

M1 Chip

M1 Chip For Mac For Small Systems

RAM CPU T2 CHIP and GPU all in the M1 Chip

Uses 5 Nanometer Chip

2 different cores 4 High Performance core and 4 efficient cores

Best CPU performance per watt

GPU Has Good Performance and good battery efficiency

fastest integrated GPU in the world

Fastest CPU in the world

thunderbolt and usb 4 controller

instant wake

MacBook Air

5x Faster Graphics

Faster then 98% of pc laptops

better camera

11x faster ml preformance

2x faster ssd


18 hours video playback

2x more on video calls

16 hours web

Best in class Security

same design

wifi 6

starts 999$

899$ for Education

Mac Mini

3x faster cpu

6x faster gpu

5x faster then top selling pc desktop

11x faster ml preformance

Starts at 699$

MacBook Pro

2.8x faster cpu

5x faster gpu

3x faster then the best selling pc laptop

11x faster ml preformance

20 hours battery video play back

better mic

better camera

starts 1299$

Preorders Today! Shipping Next Week!

OS Related

Mac OS Big Sur Available Nov 12 Thursday!

Faster Using M1

Faster While Using Heavy Weight Software

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