Nokia C2 Best Battery Life In a Budget Phone Ever

When someone comes up to me and asks me “what’s the best budget phone out there?” I will say the Nokia C2 is. And here’s why!

The reason to buy this phone is because for 75$, you are getting a phone that starts with Android 9.0 Pie Go with a 2 year upgrade guarantee, and also has face id on it.

When I tried it out for the first week it was an amazing experience, I tested out the battery life which is amazing and many could say its better then apple, It lasted for 1 day and 3 hours and it even tells you how long it will last for. I tested out the camera quality and it was fairly good. the sound quality sounds good.

This phone isn’t old at all it actually it was realized March 16 of 2020. Its features include 16GB storage, dual sim support and 1GB ram with MicroSD going up to 64GB so in total you can get up to 80GB storage which is enough for a Nokia C2.

It is not a slow phone and in fact is better then a couple of apple’s phones because of it’s battery life, its updates, and Face ID. One of my personal favorite features is the radio you just plug in the the wire that it comes with and you can listen to full on radio. It comes with charger and some pretty good quality headphone.

If your ever looking for a starter phone or a temporary phone go with the Nokia C2 it has all the features you need and can last for a long time its a very good price and overall is better then some of apples phones. 75$ is a killer price for a phone like this I would say it’s a steal.

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