MacOS Big Sur Latest Update – Full In Detailed


MacOS Big Sur is a major update on Macs that advances the latest version of the world’s most advanced software system. Hence, it is now available to Mac users as a free software update that changes everything massively! The incredible Big Sur now introduces a beautiful redesign and is packed with new enhancements for major apps such as Safari, maps and iMessage, even including the most developed virtual assistant, Siri.

Massive Design Upgrade on Big Sur.

First of all, Big Sur delivers a vast new design that makes navigation easier for Mac users, while putting more controls on fingertips. This entire new experience feels more attractive, Crisp and Focused. The customizable menu bar features a brand new Control Centre which delivers quick immediate access to controls on the Desktop. Let’s go further on formats like the updated Notification Centre, which includes more associated Notification as well as redesigned widgets that come up in different sizes. This affords the user more relevant information at a scan. New design for core apps brings more organization to multiple open windows which cooperates with apps even easier.

A Rapid, More personal & Privacy brings all together in Safari Experience

The Biggest Update that has ever been to Safari since 2003! This brings us to the next level where the World’s fastest browser is even faster!

Containing the expanded battery life and the industry leading speed.

Safari loading tabs an average of 50% Faster Than Chrome.

This brings to Safari the new features for greater personalization while browsing the web.

Safari is now built in translation and can detect while translating the whole page from multiple languages with just a click.

Mind creative users can customize the new tabs with background wallpapers as well as sections like their Reading lists and iCloud Tabs.

The Mac App Store makes it easy to discover and download great Safari extensions with a new category that includes editorial spotlights and top charts.


Apple Pushes Back Against Ad Tracking in Safari and iOS 14 | WIRED

Lately, Privacy has been built into Safari and the rest of the Mac data, where the new Privacy delivers added visibility into how the application Safari browser protects browsing activity across this web. Either users can choose when and which Safari extension can work with, even always protects and saves your passwords from websites that never will reveal them to anyone including Apple!

The iMessage – How It Works

The iMessage application enables tools for Mac users managing better on important conversations and sharing thoughtful messages.

Users are able to pin their favourite conversations to the top of their messages list for early access.

The search toolbar has been redesigned when organizing results such as links, photos, and matching terms in order to help users quickly find what they are looking for.

Personalization has upgraded further beyond. Users can personalize their messages with their expressive Memojis and, of course, they are able to quickly share Images, GIFs and Videos.

Family, Friend and Relatives with new group features on iMessage enable users to respond directly to a message (Inline replies).

They can adequate direct a message to an individual member of a group conversation by simply tagging their name (@).

Emojis/Memojis are available to be added to profile pictures.

All About Navigation Mapping

Maps User Guide for Mac - Apple Support

Absolutely brand whole new redesign for MacOS Big Sur. The iMaps bring furthermore features exploring the entire world. iMaps enables to discover places to visit and things to do trusted Navigation like the variety of restaurants, shopping malls, Parks and Other vacation spots where that can be accompanied by Families and Friends. iMaps also enables a full 360-degree view of a destination like a VR experience and you can look around to judge the quality of that destination for each. iMaps has strongly mastered tracking vehicles on iPhone though Macbooks and iMacs have too!

My Review On Big Sur

“MacOS Big Sur is simply Impressive, quick and stable overall. It is all redesigned with subtle and significant improvements to the latest MacOS Software. If you’re still running the previous version, Catalina – please do upgrade immediately to Big Sur. You’re about to have a great experience!”

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