Machine Learning

Did you know developers found a way for programs to adapt to data without humans helping?

What is Machine Learning?

“Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience.” – Tom M. Mitchell

ML ( Machine Learning ) provides the ability to automatically improve and learn without being programmed it focuses on developing programs so they can use the data and learn.

About Machine Learning

Machine learning is used in internet search engines it identifies spam or low-quality content, Machine Learning also uses a type of algorithm that helps detect URLs and the body of a page to see if it’s spam.

People say the key to customer engagement is Machine Learning because it helps open another way to have the capability of big questions to be answered correctly.

Machine learning can be automated when the same activity is done again and again. But the prime nature of Machine Learning goes with the opposite, in this way ML needs to function independently with different solutions for different demands. 

Machine learning uses python which is a widely used language they use it because it offers readable code and since it readable by humans it makes it easier to build models for ML and how simple python helps a lot because it allows developers to write reliable systems     

Why Machine Learning? 

Well, you see Machine learning is about making computers perform intelligent tasks without hard coding, Machine Learning Also provides smart alternatives to analyzing volumes of data. By developing efficient and fast algorithms Machine Learning can produce accurate results and analysis 

What Companies use Machine Learning? 

If you don’t know Google uses Machine Learning to prevent illegal trade and or work Google services i.e the image search and translation tools use sophisticated Machine Learning, which allows the computer to use 3 senses to see, listen and speak in the same way as humans do! 

Netflix uses machine learning and algorithms to help viewers’ find shows that they might not have chosen by high-probability click-thru image thumbnails, Machine learning also powers the recommendation algorithm, they also use Machine Learning to help shape their catalog of movies and TV shows by learning characteristics that make content successful

Amazon also uses Machine Learning but it mostly focuses on analyzing purchasing data on products using Machine Learning, it also uses Machine Learning to analyze patterns and identify fraudulent purchases. Fun fact Amazon is the leader in Machine Learning and AI (which is another way to say Machine Learning)!

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