Lil Nas X- Holiday Review

Lil Nas X- Holiday Review

This song has good background music and good singing however it doesn’t have good lyrics, the lyrics are in to say it short “trash”. Now let me say it long, the lyrics are generic and have almost no correlation to the actual theme of the song which is supposedly Christmas, but it seems like he keeps on switching like he just can’t pick one, or maybe the entire song is what he does on Christmas eve or day, or December, however, if not then the entire song is just general superficial trash.

Now onto the good stuff, the actual music. It’s amazing I really like it, the beat is a better version, of “Panini”. It’s almost like if Lil nas x just looked at panini and said “I could do better” and he did. Sometimes most artists just don’t look back, they only look forward, even if the past is fixable, so I guess that’s one thing the separates Lil nas x from most artists. Aside from the beat, everything else on the background music is good, if not a little bland and safe, yet still good. His singing is fantastic, if not a little low and safe, but I still like it, he harmonizes at points or sings it twice and puts both recordings together, I couldn’t figure out which, but regardless it sounds great.

So to conclude go listen to this song id give it, in general, a 6/10, don’t listen to it with passion, just listen to it when you are bored, and just have a good time I guess.
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