How To Verify Your Email. Yes, You Read It Right. – iOS

In a world where Twitter verification is almost impossible to an average user. There is another way for everyone to flex that they are not a robot/scammer, Email Verification Badges.

Verification Badge Look On Apple's Mail App
Verification Badge Look On Apple’s Mail App

But of course, this works on other mail apps such as Gmail, Outlook, and more. And in this Blog Post, I am tell you how to do it.

First, you need go to this website, write your email and click send verification code.

Website HomePage
Website HomePage

This will send an email to the email address you specified with a verification code, it will look something like this:

Verification Code Email
Verification Code Email

You will take the verification code and paste it into the corresponding box, then accept terms and conditions, and then click submit request. This will send the certificate to your email/ display a password ( SAVE IT SOMEWHERE) download the certificate.

Then, download these to files (This and That) These are the certificate files required to sign the certificate.

I will only be covering the way to sign it on iOS, if you want to see the ways to do it on Windows, Mac and Android, tweet at us at @techexpsed on twitter.

To verify yourself you need to first send yourself all the files you downloaded to your iDevice.

First, you need click the first certificate ending with .pfx, you should see profile downloaded, go to settings and click on the dialog icon, and click install, it will then request the password that it generated, type that in and it should install as normal. then you will do the same with the two other files (no password this time).

Now for the final part go to Mail, Accounts, the email address you are going verify, account, advanced, then sign, there your going turn it on and click the email you are setting it up. then go back once and click Encrypt by Default and turn that on and click the email you are setting up.

And that’s it! Send an email to yourself and you will see the little verification badge next to your name.

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