Green Bubbles are No More, Apple to support RCS.

After years of anticipation, and pressure from competitors, Apple finally decided to start using RCS (Rich Communication Services) as their new messaging standard. RCS support is supposed to be launched in a software update hopefully coming out next year, Which gives Apple users the ability to use iMessage-like texting with other Android users without losing speed or high-quality media sharing.

Cross-platform iMessage-like texting

By adopting RCS both iOS and Android users should be able to communicate together easily and seamlessly without losing any of their features such as read receipts, high-quality media, typing indicators, etc. This will solve the huge problem of Green Bubbles vs Blue Bubbles, and hopefully finally end the debate.

Benefits for Apple users

By implementing RCS as the standard for communication on iPhones, iPhone users should be able to use Wi-Fi and cellular data for texting, and users should be able to finally have encrypted messages when texting None-iPhone users, and finally be able to use new high-end technologies.

Future of iMessage

Even though Apple accepted RCS support, they still won’t be opening iMessage for other platforms, and the RCS supporting apps will be separate from iMessage but still have the same feature, so is it time to leave iMessage behind and just use the other apps? or will Apple users still stick to iMessage and stick to using MMS and SMS?

So far this is all that we know, and for now, we just gotta wait and see, However, we might have to wait for a while, as RCS might take as long as iOS 18 to finally be implemented.