Google’s In-house Chromebook Chips to come as soon as 2023

A report from Nikkei Asia on Google’s growing interest on creating its own processors shows that the company’s in-house chips might spread beyond the Pixel 6 to Chromebook laptops and tablets as early as 2023.

With the impending Tensor SoC in the Pixel 6, the business is now gearing up to release its first custom chip this autumn. The report also confirms claims from 2020 that Google was preparing in-house Chromebook CPUs after demonstrating the concept on Pixel phones, which we now know will happen in a few weeks.

However, the Nikkei Asia article expands a few more specifics, including the aforementioned 2023 release date, confirmation that the Chromebook CPUs would be based on Arm, just like the Tensor chip, and that Google plans to create them for both laptop and tablet form sizes.

Google’s plans for its proprietary Chromebook chips aren’t mentioned in the report. And it’s been over two years since Google debuted the Pixelbook Go (the only Chromebook that google presently offers) and nearly three years since the Pixel Slate, Google’s tablet.

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