Google Working On Apple Like Continuity Feature.

Google is advancing its efforts in the Android ecosystem with the development of a “Link Your Devices” feature, targeting enhanced inter-device connectivity.

Unearthed within Android’s software by @Nail_Sadykov and @MishaalRahman on Twitter (X), the “Link Your Devices” menu, though not yet live, showcases Google’s vision for the future.

This hub is intended to centralize functionalities for Android devices linked to the same Google account. Google ‘s description indicates that devices using the same account will be able to detect and share with one another. When linked and Bluetooth is enabled, devices might display their name and certain other details. Additionally, apps will offer cross-device sharing options. As of the latest findings, “Call switching” is the only confirmed feature, allowing users to transfer calls between devices. There are also unconfirmed reports suggesting the addition of an “Internet sharing” feature based on hotspot functionality.

Upon activation, users can expect to find the “Link Your Devices” menu under the “Devices & sharing” section within the account menu. The exact release timeline remains a topic of speculation. It hasn’t been introduced in Android 14 previews, leading to uncertainty about its debut.

Google’s “Link Your Devices” initiative signifies a step forward in enhancing the Android user experience by fostering better device interconnectivity. The specifics of its launch and full capabilities are eagerly anticipated.