Google Pixel Launch Event: Everything New

It’s no surprise that Google makes some of the best Android phones, and the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are no different. Today, Google walked onto the stage and made some crazy announcements with HUGE upgrades to their Pixel Phones, Watches, Earbuds, and Some AI improvements. So let’s talk about it!

Google Pixel 8

First, Let’s talk about the Pixel 8 Pro. The 8 Pro features a wide variety of new things, such as Google’s new Super Actua display. It allows for up to 2400 nit peak brightness and a 1-120hz variable refresh rate.

Looking at the cameras, The Pixel 8 Pro features all new sensors with an upgraded 50 MP wide, a 48 MP ultrawide, a 48 MP telephoto, and a 10.5 MP front-facing camera with autofocus. The Pixel 8 Pro also now has Pro Controls for the camera which allows you to adjust your ISO, and take photos in full 50 MP resolution and in RAW formats. It also includes a temperature sensor that allows to take the temperature of objects and soon humans, faster RAM, a 1 TB storage option, and the new faster Tensor G3

Looking at the Pixel 8, it features Google’s New Actua display. It allows for up to 2000 nit peak brightness and a 60-120hz refresh rate. It also includes the same faster RAM and the new Tensor G3 as the Pixel 8 Pro.

Both devices also include Night Sight Video, which is automatically enabled when you try to take low-light videos. It improves the colors and lighting so that you’re able to capture the best videos even during the night. They also come with a bunch of new AI-focused features that I will talk about later.

What’s even crazier about these phones is that Google announced that the devices will be supported for 7 Years of OS upgrades. 

Looking at the design of the two phones, they now have curvier edges, a matte finish on the Pro, and flat screens.

Google Pixel Watch 2

Second, Let’s talk about the Google Pixel Watch 2. The Watch 2 includes many upgrades, such as better heart rate tracking, skin temperature sensing, stress monitoring, Pace Training, heart zone training, and Call Screening. The watch also has new safety features such as Medical ID, Emergency Sharing, and Safety Check that will allow you to travel and go to places while not having to worry about your safety.

Google Pixel Buds Pro

The event also introduced new insane updates to Google Pixel Buds Pro. It now includes improved and automatic clear calling, which this time uses AI to improve the feature even further. It also now uses Bluetooth SuperWide Band, which improves the bandwidth even further. Now when this is joined with the improved clear calling, should make the audio very clear.

The earbuds should now also use AI to automatically enable transparency mode whenever you start talking. So instead of having to pull out your phone every time, the AI will be able to music and turn on transparency mode automatically.

Assistant with Bard

In terms of AI features, this event was nothing but full of them. Starting with the fact that Google Assistant is now integrated with Google Bard, making it a voice-enabled powerful AI, that combines personal help with reasoning and generative capability,

You can interact through text, voice, or images, and it can do actions that can help you out, it can do a lot of stuff including planning your next trip, finding details buried in your inbox, creating a grocery list for your weekend getaway or sending a text it can also summarize important emails, and the best part is, you can be as specific as possible and will probably still get an answer as Google has shown during the event.

AI Upgrades

Google also announced new AI features such as “Best Take” which chooses from a variety of pictures from group photos and puts the best expressions out of all of them using AI, Magic Editor, which lets you use AI-powered editing to change the picture however you want, Audio Magic Eraser which removes distracting noises and voices, Magic Eraser can now remove larger elements, and generates new pixels to fill in blank areas,

Call screen also got some enhancements it will now be able to differentiate between a spam call and a legitimate call. After it identifies the call as legitimate, the AI voice assistant will tell the caller they’ll try to get you on the line, and will then ping you with a summary of the situation and a series of options you can take, including picking up the phone, reporting the call as spam, or taking a message.

It also includes live translations, read aloud, and Gboard AI for fixing typos. Both devices also will offer a summarization button for long articles. and the Pixel 8 Pro will support on-device summarization and a Zoom Enhance feature for enhancing digital zoom photos. The Pixel 8 Pro also has a Video Boost feature.


The Pixel 8 will start at 699$. The 8 Pro will start at 999$. The Pixel Watch 2 will start at 349$. and the Pixel Buds Pro will cost 199$.