Google Delays Android 14 At The Last Minute.

Update 9/7/2023: “Google has confirmed the delay as they have officially released Android 14 Beta 5.3 to the public”

Google seems to have delayed the launch of Android 14, with the new release date expected set to be on the same day as their Made By Google event.

According to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, the Android 14 source code should have been released on September 5th. But, new rumors suggest that a last-minute decision was made to delay the release until next month.

He goes on to say that the new release date for Android 14 could be October 4th, the same day as Google’s Made by Google event. Now it is unusual that Google puts Android OS launches and device launches at the same day, but it seems that this year we’ll get both announced on stage.

Google did announce some other Android updates for Android phones in the form of a new Feature Drop on the 5th, plus it unveiled some updated branding for Android, Which included new upgrades like the new At a Glance widget or the ability to digitize your loyalty cards to keep in Google Wallet. But it would have been nice to see Android 14 release alongside them.