Electronics Level 3 Techttoo (Kano)

To Earn This Techttoo You must:
Finish ALL Challenges
Have Proof
This Techttoo is done by one person and no more than that 
Once Finished
Take an Image of the finished screen and call Mr.Flick when done with one challenge

Hello Everyone,
Before I start to go through the basics, This is a Techttoo for Brad Flickinger’s Middle School Tech Curriculum which you should check out at http://www.bradflickinger.com/, now on to the basics!
Before we start we must create a user for yourself

Step 1. On the Kano login Screen Choose Bob and type in the password “kano”

Step 2. in the dashboard click settings in the bottom right
Step 3. Once in settings scroll down until you find Accounts, click on it

Step 4. in Accounts press Add Account and press Reboot Now

Now go through the setup. Note: X out the wifi and skip the profile.

Once in here are the Four challenges you have to Achieve The Techttoo

1. Hack Minecraft
2. Make Snake
3. Make Pong
4. Terminal Quest

That’s it 

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