Chloe Moriondo, Dreams Review

Chloe Moriondo, Dreams Review

I have listened to this song on loop for about thirty minutes, and all I can say is that I had fun throughout those thirty minutes. It never got repetitive, or boring, granted I was doing something else. So basically if you are to do something boring and you need a little bit of entertainment this is the song for it.


This is one of the times that Chloe is singing in her ancient tone. She usually does songs that are completely different, one is high paced and loud, one has more extreme notes. (Extreme as in going really high or really low) But in this case, she goes with the tones she usually uses in her covers that she made in the mid-2010s. So it was nice hearing her sing like that, it made me feel really nostalgic.


The background music has a nice guitar, some sort of electrical instrument, some sort of instrument, and a tambourine. It is very relaxed, it doesn’t try anything new but originality is admired regardless. Even though that type of originality is bad, it will still get positive recognition. And although this isn’t groundbreaking it is still nice to hear. I feel that we as music reviewers, admire originality a lot, so far to the point of saying that something horrible is good.


Let’s divide the meanings a little bit. I think that the first verse is Chloe getting rejected by someone, and talking to that someone and telling them that she understands and that she will leave if they want her to. But Chloe does say to not be too picky, or else they might end up lonely. The pre-chorus is Chloe talking to herself, and she is saying that to remember that she still has something, or that she has lost something because she told that “somebody” how she felt about them. The chorus basically means that Chloe will experience bad relationships and rejections, but eventually, when she finds “the one” she will know. The second verse means, that she has this thought that she might be alone forever in her future. and that is all. My review of these lyrics is that every other artist has said the same thing in a million ways, but she has said this in a very creative and different way, at least she was talking about crushes instead of the actual relationship.


Feedback for Chloe would be to just keep on doing what she is doing. I would rate this song a 7/10, since it doesn’t try anything new, but it is expressive. I like the nostalgia factor of her voice, and I just like the simple background. The lyrics are good, but the theme of them, is the problem. Maybe instead of writing about another person she could write about events in the world, or other experiences. Again 7/10, ya did alright Chloe.

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