Apple’s CEO To Testify in Epic Games Vs Apple Trial This Friday

Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to testify within the Epic Games v. Apple trial on Friday, concluding an intense examination of the iOS App Store that included declarations from industry experts and executives from both companies.

Cook’s appearance, first noted by CNET, will mark the culmination of three weeks of back-and-forth between Apple and Epic, with the fate of the iOS App Store hanging within the balance.

Apple’s chief executive is predicted to talk about the company’s corporate values, development and launch of the App Store and industry competition. In arguing against third-party app stores and out of doors payments systems, he’s also likely to the touch on the economic potential an Apple-maintained store presents to developers. That the App Store benefits — not inhibits — developers may be a constant refrain from the tech giant.

Epic argues Apple has created monopolies with its control rule over iOS and therefore the App Store; disallowing third-party app stores and collecting a nominal 30% commission on in-app purchases. Apple disagrees and in testimony provided over the course of the trial has attempted for instance that its policies have created of a secure and innovative platform for patrons and wealth for developers.

A report last week suggested Cook is preparing rigorously for Friday’s testimony by practicing with former prosecutors to simulate the stand.

Cook is not any stranger to the spotlight, though he has never offered testimony during a courtroom setting. He twice testified before Congress, last appearing before the U.S. House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee to debate partially the very topic at the guts of Epic’s complaint.

The court’s schedule currently allots 100 minutes to Cook. before the proceedings, Cook sat for a seven-hour deposition, statements from which can likely be discussed on Friday.