Apple Watch Update – Black Unity Edition (BLM)


Apple introduces the latest special Apple Watch Black Unity Edition , inspired by the colors of the Pan-African flag, has just been released to celebrate Black History Month! Apple supports organizations supporting the racial equity and justice


  • The incredible new Apple Black Unity Collection reveals a special edition Apple Watch Series 6, a might cool Black Unity strap and a brand new watch face!
  • The Strap fits regular iWatch models and the watch face is available for other models too. Here’s everything you need to know!

The Box Looks Amazing!

The Black Unity Edition box on this Watch has been designed with matte black covered including the shining glossy brand name on the center of the box. In addition, the packaging for the strap has black card inside, which is more unique than the other bands which are mostly comprised with white card with monochrome print (default).


This iWatch has unique engraving!

Usually, the iWatch is identical to regular models. It comes in space gray aluminum finish, in both 40mm and 44mm sizes. It also comes in GPS and GPS + Cellular options, though it’s not available in stainless steel or titanium finishes.

The First identification you can tell you’ve got the special edition model is by turning it over and looking the extra words next to Series 6 model which say ‘Black Unity’. It’s crafty and cool!

The Strap design of the Black Unity Edition iWatch is one of the most highlights visible revealing the beautiful 3 contrast colors that are: Red, Green and Black! The band is the same material as other Sport Bands that is comfortable and soft on the skin.

The shiny circle pin that holds the strap in place, has its own special loo, thanks to a unique message stamped on the back. It reads Truth. Power. Solidarity. Again, subtle but very neat!


The iWatch is Bright and Striking

The Unity Watch face is available for current Apple Watch users, just download it in the Watch app on your iPhone. You need to be running the latest Watch software to get it (WatchOS 7).

  • Notice closely that the pattern around the numbers shifts as the time changes with black, green and red areas subtly changing as you watch.
  • The shades of the hues are identical to the ones on the band, too. Though they don’t always look that way in the photos although they do in real life!

Price and availability

The Black Unity Edition watch face is free. Ther is no extra price premium for the special-edition features here.

The Sport Band costs $49 and the Watch itself costs:

$399 – 40mm GPS

$429 – 44mm GPS

$499 + 40mm GPS + Cellular

$529 – 44mm GPS + Cellular

FYI – The identical prices for the Watch without the special engraving or other Sport Bands.

My Conclusion

Overall the Apple Watch Black Unity Edition looks great, eye-catching and powerful! I am so delighted that Apple is supporting organizations which are dedicated to advancing racial equity and justice, specifically, Black Lives Matter Support Funds. Therefore, everything looks great here, espeically when corresponding to the strap with green at the top of the clock, red beneath, matching the placement of colors on the Sport Band…


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