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Event Live Stream Has Started

Event Has Started

Tim Cook (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFFICER OF APPLE) appears towards the screen,

begins with the previous devices on the previous September event (Apple Watch Series 6,

se and iPad Air).

Tim cook talks about the Apple innovations in the last generations,

explains how these all apple devices make easier for humans’ lives and gradually gets better

as apple devices release throughout.

All Apple engineers work together for these devices to work BETTER AND MORE





Homepod Mini INTRODUCTION – Introduced By Bob Borchers VP Worldwide Product Marketing

HomePod Mini is an ultimate mini Apple brand speaker which offers a great music

listening experience,

an intelligent assistant, and smart home capabilities including with a built in privacy and security in a

beautiful compact design!

It works effortlessly with iPhone to hand off music, answer calls, or deliver

personalized listening suggestions,

elevates the sound from Apple TV, plays music from a Mac, and so much more.

There’s a lot of Apple innovation packed into such a small speaker,

all at an affordable price…

—| AMAZING SOUND – Demonstrated By Dave Wikes Jr – Manager, Acoustics Engineering

HomePod Mini delivers an incredibly rich and detailed acoustic experience,

using computational audio with S5 chip to deliver peak performance.

The Apple S5 chip inside the HomePod Mini analyzes the unique characteristics

of the music and apply complex tuning models to optimize loudness and adjusting

the dynamic range.

HomePod Mini features an Apple designed acoustic waveguide

to direct the of sound down and out toward the bottom of the speaker for an immersive

360 degree audio experience.

This allows customers to place Homepod Mini ALMOST EVERYWHERE

in a room and hear consistent sound.

–| Powerful Intelligent Assistant – Demonstrated by Yael Garten – Director, Siri Data Science and Engineering

  • YES..SIRI. Siri can identify who is speaking, music, podcasts to their preferences, respond to personal requests like accessing messages, reminders, notes, calendar appointments or making and answering phone calls and even finding your iPhone!
  • Siri also offers users a personal update for a quick snapshot of their day. With a single request, users can ask Siri “What’s my update?” to hear the latest news, weather forecasts, traffic, reminders and calendar appointments.
  • Homepod Mini works effortlessly with Apple devices, making it easy to pick up an incoming call, listening to music on the Mac, or upgrade the TV experience by taking the sound from Apple TV to the next level. When listening to music on iPhone, customers can easily bring up their devices next to HomePod Mini and seamlessly hand off the music without missing a beat.
  • Later this year, the experience gets even better with visual, audible and haptic effects when sound transfers from one device to the other.
  • Personalized listening suggestions will automatically appear on iPhone when it’s next to HomePod Mini, instant controls are available without having to unlock iPhone.

–| Smart Home Controls And New Intercom System – Demonstrated by Yael Garten – Director, Siri Data Science and Engineering

  • HomePod mini makes controlling smart home accessories easier than ever with simple voice commands for Siri to turn off the lights, change the temperature, lock the doors or set a scene. HomePod mini is the perfect home hub, providing access to smart home accessories while at home or away!
  • A new Intercom feature offers a quick and easy way for family members to connect with each other at home.
  • One person can send an Intercom message from one HomePod to another, whether in a different room, a specific zone, or multiple rooms throughout the home and their voice will automatically play on the designated HomePod speaker.
  • Intercom works with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and CarPlay, so everyone in the household can get Intercom notifications and send Intercom messages from the backyard or on their way home.

–| Designed with Privacy and Security in Mind – Desmonstrated By Bob Borchers VP Worldwide Product Marketing

Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of Apple hardware, software, and services. With HomePod mini, only after “Hey Siri” is recognized locally on the device, or the user activates Siri by touch, will any information be sent to Apple servers. Requests are not associated with the user’s Apple ID, and personal information is not sold to advertisers or other organizations. HomePod mini works with iPhone to complete requests for messages and notes on device without revealing that information to Apple.


————————————————————————————————– BACK TO TIM COOK —————————————————————————————————-

Now let’s talk about


“iPhone is an incredibly powerful personal device. It’s a product that we use the most everyday, with an amazing capabilities iPhone has changed our lives. iPhone 11 previously has been the most popular smart phone in the world including costumer satisfaction every year since it was first introduced! Every decade there’s a new generation of technology that provides a step change of what we can do with iPhones… Today’s the big and new era of iPhone.” We are introducing 5G into…

iPHONE 12 and iPHONE 12 Mini


IPHONE 12 INTRODUCTION – Introduced By Tim Cook – CEO, Hans Vestberg – Chairman, Verizon AND Kaiann Drance – VP, iPhone Product Marketing

iPhone 12 and Mini are introduced with a beautiful new design packed with innovative features, including A14 Bionic, an advanced dual-camera system, and a Super Retina XDR display with the Ceramic Shield front cover.

iPhone 12 and Mini

A Breakthrough 5G Experience on iPhone – Demonstrated By Arun Mathias – VP, Wireless Technologies and Ecosystems

  • iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini deliver an advanced 5G experience on a global scale
  • 5G on iPhone improves speeds for faster downloads and uploads, higher quality video streaming, amazing pings on gaming, real time interactivity in apps, FaceTime in higher quality and more. Customers will also be able to enjoy a secure, fast connection, reducing the need to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots!

A14 Bionic Chip – Demonstrated By Hope Giles – VP, Engineering Programme Management, Hardware Technologies

  • A14 Bionic is the first chip in the smartphone industry built.
  • Faster and more efficient than ever.
  • A14 Bionic has the fastest CPU and GPU comparing to the fastest competing smartphone chips, enabling console quality gaming experiences, powerful computational photography, and delivering great battery life.

Water And Dust Resistance

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini have an industry-leading IP68 rating for water resistance up to 6 meters for up to 30 minutes, and are protected against everyday spills, including coffee and soda. Includes Dust Resistance too!

Durable Design and Immersive Display – Demonstrated By Kaiann Drance – VP, iPhone Product Marketing

The incredible new design of the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 and 5.4 inch iPhone 12 mini are as beautiful as they are durable, iPhone 12 mini is the smallest, thinnest and thelightest 5G smartphone in the world, while still delivering an impressively large and immersive edge to edge display. 

New Advanced Dual-Camera System – Demonstrated By Kaiann Drance – VP, iPhone Product Marketing

  • IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini deliver powerful computational photography features enabled by A14 Bionic and a new dual camera system.
  • Bringing an unparalleled camera experience that makes it easier than ever to intuitively capture the perfect photograph or video.
  • This advanced camera system features the Ultra Wide camera and a new Wide camera , the fastest yet on iPhone, providing 27 percent more light for even more amazing low light photos and videos.
  • Computational photography is taken to the next level on iPhone 12 models with Night mode and faster-performing Deep Fusion now on all cameras Wide and Ultra Wide.
  • Customers will experience brighter pictures and better contrast for photos shot in low-light settings with Night mode, also more texture and less noise in Deep Fusion photos.
  • Smart HDR 3 uses ML to intelligently adjust the white balance, contrast, texture, and saturation of a photo for remarkably natural-looking images.

MageSafe – New Accessories – Demonstrated By Denis Teoman – VP, Hardware Systems Engineering

  • MagSafe improves wireless charging for a better, more efficient experience, and introduces an ecosystem of easy to attach accessories that beautifully complement iPhone 12 models.
  •  MagSafe delivers a unique experience to iPhone, featuring an array of magnets around the wireless charging coil, optimized for alignment and efficiency, that perfectly connects to iPhone every time.
  • MagSafe chargers efficiently provide up to 15W of power. Charging solutions include the MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo Charger for use with iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as new silicone, leather, and clear cases that easily snap onto the back of iPhone, and a leather wallet. Customers can also expect innovative MagSafe accessories from third-party manufacturers!!
  • Apple Members have found the RAREST MAGNET ON EARTH FOR MagSafe!

Commitment To The Environment – Introduced By Lisa Jackson – VP, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives

  • Today, Apple is carbon neutral for global corporate operations, and by 2030, plans to have net zero climate impact across the entire business, which includes manufacturing supply chains and all product life cycles. This means that every Apple device sold, from material collection, component manufacturing, assembly, transport, customer use, charging, all the way through recycling and material recovery, will be 100 percent carbon neutral.
  • iPhone 12 models were designed with the environment in mind.
  • For the first time, iPhone 12 models will utilize 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, including the new camera, Taptic Engine, and MagSafe, as well as Apple’s MagSafe accessories.
  • Apple is also removing the power adapter and EarPods from iPhone packaging, further reducing carbon emissions and avoiding the mining and use of precious materials, which enables smaller and lighter packaging, and allows for 70 percent more boxes to be shipped on a pallet. Finally, these changes will cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to removing nearly 450,000 cars from the road per year.

———————————————————————————————————————————————Back TO TIM COOK ———————————————————————————————————————————

“iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are absolutely amazing. We want to take even further on iPhones,” and introducing…

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max


iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max Introduction – Introduced By Greg “Jos” Joswiak – SVP, Worldwide Marketing

Best iPhone ever features the powerful A14 Bionic, all new design with Ceramic Shield, pro camera system, LiDAR Scanner, and the biggest Super Retina XDR display ever on an iPhone.

A Superior 5G Experience

  • 5G transforms iPhone with accelerated wireless speeds and better performance on congested networks. EVEN MORE POWERFUL 5G ON iPHONE 12 PRO. Now you can download huge files or stream high quality HDR Movies (this can be called as PRO VIDEO)! Without this.. LAG EXISTS!

Pro Camera System – Demonstrated By Andrew Fernandez – Manager, Camera Systems Engineering

  • Night mode Time Lapse delivers longer exposure times for sharper videos, better light trails, and smoother exposure in low light scenarios when used with a tripod. Deep Fusion, now better and faster, comes to all cameras, and with the new Smart HDR 3, users can expect more true-to-life images, even in complex scenes.
  • Improvements to Night mode – Now expanded to the TrueDepth and Ultra Wide cameras, allow for an even brighter picture.
  • There are Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto cameras. Telephoto supports the other cameras for zooming and clarity focus help.

LiDAR, AR Scanner – Demonstrated By Fransesca Sweet – Product Line Manager, iPhone

  • LiDAR Scanner means users can experience AR like never before!
  • The LiDAR Scanner on iPhone 12 Pro measures how long it takes light to reflect back from objects, so it can create a depth map of any space you’re in. Because it’s ultrafast and accurate, AR apps can now transform a room into a realistic rainforest or show you exactly how a new sneaker will fit.
  • NASA is developing LiDAR technology for Mars missions!!

Apple ProRAW (Coming soon) – Demonstrated By Alok Deshpande – Senior Manager, Camera Software Engineering

  • ProRAW gives you all the standard RAW information. So you can get a head start on editing, with noise reduction and multiframe exposure adjustments already in place, and have more time to tweak color , white balance, Tone mapping, Channel mixer and highlights editing photographs.

Apple Privacy and Security

  • iPhone is designed to protect your information. Face ID data doesn’t leave your iPhone and is never backed up to iCloud or anywhere else, iOS shows you an app’s privacy practices before you download it. When you use Apple Pay, your card number isn’t shared with merchants. And the list goes on.

——————————————————————————————————————————————- BACK TO TIM COOK ————————————————————————————————————————————

Tim Cook – Tells The Summary and the thoughts of these devices from the Apple company

“Thank you for joining us, stay safe and have a safe day…”

—————————————————————————————————————————————— Event Ended ———————————————————————————————————————————————–

MagSafe With iPhone 12 Models

Choose and Buy Your Favourite Imaginative Colours!

iPhone 12 Sizes


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  • HomePod Mini – Homepod Mini is a BRILLIANT device with a lot of specs and in my opinion, I would prefer you to buy this product. It’s a spectacular NEW HOMEPOD! The price is $99 Dollars is and shall be very worth it bringing homepod mini to make your home smart! ; )
  • iPhone 12 Mini – Very cute and almost the same size as iPhone 5!
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – Big difference from iPhone 11 Pro Max Finally! Largest screen display ever on iPhone!

Overall – Homepod Mini is the best device in this Apple event for me…

Thanks for discovering this blog and make sure you type in comments of how you feel about this, feeback or any help!

-Vishnu Kotthuri – Author, Tech Exposed

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