Anyone – Justin Bieber, The Great Bait.

Anyone – Justin Bieber, The Great Bait.

I would never think that I would say this but, JUSTIN BEIBER BAITED ME.


The lyrics are just really superficial, and fake. They are original but they are written for money, not for self-expression. This is because the relationship is expressed in a very vague manner, and also just says what millions of artists have said before. Saying that she was the one and that Justin will never love anyone else. And that’s what this song is basically all about. However, the only line that resembles some experience, and the truth is “but you can’t predict the future cause certain things are out of our control” and that just seems like something kinda vague but no too vague so great writing Justin (or should I say, several songwriters, I actually did a little bit of research and found out that a lot of people were working on this song’s lyrics so that shows that many of these lyrics are 100% fake.)


It’s different, then what Justin usually does. It is less lucky go happy, or wanna-be swag, but this time, this sounds almost downright sincere, however, we can tell that he was just being fake, because of the lyrics as we have stated before. So what can we take away from this guy’s singing? We learned that Justin really knows how to pander to his audience.


It starts with this really weird beat, which is just random and not needed at all, because it changes drastically, and the theme of it goes from weird to break up, with a hint of sadness. But the last quarter of the song is the part that I really love, it sounds like if Shawn Mendes was in the 80s, his singing was more of the icing on the top, the real meat of it was the background music, making this sentence belong here instead of the singing paragraph.


I think that this song does not deserve anyone’s respect, at least on the side of the lyrics, the rest would be totally fine to have a positive opinion about. I would not call this art, because art would mean expressing one’s ideas, or thoughts or feelings, through a certain medium. But then again couldn’t the art of singing itself, be an expression? I would give this song a 5/10, originally I was going to give a 2/10 because I was forgetting that lyrics are not the only form of expression in music. Justin if you do not have good lyrics, keep on doing what you are doing now, and make the singing, and background music awesome, but in this author’s mind, I will never give an artist with poor lyrics a 10/100.

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