Android 14, Say Hello to Custom Lock Screens.

Custom lock screens have been a dream for us Android users for a while now. But it has now become a reality as Android 14 Beta 3 has finally added them on Pixel phones. So let’s dive into it!

With the new Android 14 Beta 3 that just released, Google has officially enabled custom lock screens for compatible Pixel phones. This new addition was first announced at Google I/O in the beginning of May, and it’s nice to see it in the hands of beta testers (Including Me!). The new customization feature includes new clock looks, colors, and changeable lock screen shortcuts.

Thankfully, Google has made it very easy to access, all you need to do is head to the home screen, do the usual long press, click “Wallpaper & style”, then you will be presented with a redesigned Wallpaper & style page with the new lock screen customizations tab on top.

Once you click on the lock screen tab you can swipe through the 9 different clock options and pick which one you like, not to mention you can adjust the color and size of the new clock.

Also available is the option to choose your own lock screen shortcuts on the bottom left and the bottom right of the lock screen. The current options for shortcuts are None, Mute, Device controls, Wallet, Camera, Do not disturb, Video call, Flashlight, and QR code. Once you choose the shortcuts, you can activate them by long pressing on their icons. Unfortunately, the ability to choose custom shortcuts is yet to be available.

Once you choose the clock style you like, it’s automatically applied, just hit the power button twice to see your customized lock screen in action!

Google also teased Cinematic Wallpapers and Emoji Wallpapers at I/O this year, but those are expect to release with the June Pixel Feature Drop, which is hopefully releasing next week.