Android 14: Big Amazing Changes

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The first beta of Android 14 is finally here, and it comes with some big and important changes that will help it destroy competition.

Battery Life

First, let’s talk about battery life, Android 14 has been optimized to make sure the system takes less power then it did before in the previous versions of Android. Not to mention the battery tab in the settings has been streamlined to be easier to understand, and they’ve brought back the screen on time metric.

The Battery Saver tab has also been updated to include both the Normal Battery Saver and the Extreme Battery Saver in the same tab. They have also added the option to schedule when the battery saver should turn on and turn it off when the battery is charged to 90%, and you can also choose weather to remind you to turn on battery saver or not.

Bloatware Removal

Second, Google has added a bloatware tab to Android 14 spotted by Michael Rahman. The tab is called “Apps installed in the background” and it plans to list all the apps installed by your device manufacturer or carrier in the background and can be removed without the loss of functionality.

Android 14 Bloatware tab

Clone Apps

Third, a lot of Android skins allow you to clone your apps so you can have two instances of them, but now, stock Android will soon let you have the option to clone any app so you can have two instances of them.

Select Photos To App

Google is taking a page from Apple and is finally implementing the select photos to apps feature allowing you to select which photos you want each app to access for added privacy.

Minor But Important Changes

Finally, a couple minor changes, Google has finally added predictive back gestures which allows you to see where you are gonna go with back gesture so you don’t accidentally leave the app. They have also allowed you to scale your phone screen size to up to 200%, you will also soon be able to allow the phone to switch mobile data sims automatically based on the sim with the better connection and a new convert to esim button has popped up.

Android 14 public beta should arrive in June and the final Android 14 stable update should arrive around September-October.

Now we expect more features to appear as Android 14 goes through the beta cycle so don’t lose hope if none of these features appeal to you.

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