American cliché – FINNEAS

American cliché – FINNEAS

FINEAS new song “American cliche” is a weird sort of roaring 20s song with a mix of modern music.


It’s wired to say the least but in a good way, it is as stated before very roaring 20s sounding. And it is great, to say the least, however, something that I found really bad, is the chorus/pre-chorus section of the music, it goes really loud to really quiet, with this awkward drum beat which is really not needed, and makes the background music overall a little worse but it still does sound good.


I think that it is annoying, but in a sort of charming way, that does not want to make me punch FINEAS’ face. It is also really different, I feel that he is trying to mix both 20s singing and modern-day singing. Which is interesting to hear, but not repeatedly.


Well, the topic of these lyrics is semi-common but different from FINEAS. His lyrics usually give off a sad, or hurt and trying to cover it sort of vibe. However, this is just someone enjoying the company of the other person in the relationship, which is rare to find nowadays.

Overall feedback and opinions

I think that FINEAS did an amazing job trying to be creative and to do something different, thus making this song incredibly interesting to hear. And for that I will give it a 10/10. However, I would grade it differently if I were to listen to it about a hundred times. This is a song that you should only listen to once, any more and then the magic would be ruined.

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