Amazon Alexa Pros And Cons (Review Part 1)

Alexa Image
Amazon Alexa has been something I use every day for a while now and I feel it is now the right time to the pros and cons
Let’s get started.
If you have a smart device it will work with Alexa 90% of the time
If you have Amazon Fire Tv they will work together simultaneously
You can say Alexa from anywhere in the house (limits apply)
only hears you when you say, Alexa

Some features require amazon prime
Music Services That Work with Alexa require a premium subscription
Voice Purchasing Does not work for some reason in some countries
Requires an American AppStore account

As you may see, the cons are really small things that can be fixed over time wither it is the Appstore or the prime features. While This does not show much so please stay tuned for my full review on the Alexa.
You Can Buy Alexa On Amazon Using These Links:
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen:
Amazon Alexa Echo 3rd Gen:

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